Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Divide Trail hike – Trailer

Great Divide Trail hike – 15.6.-21.7.2013 

The Great Divide Trail follows the Canadian Rockies from Waterton Lakes National Park to Kakwa Provincial Park and includes parts of trails, roads and off-trail sections that form a route about 1200 km long. It goes through five National Parks, seven Provincial Parks and several wilderness areas and forest districts. The trail has said to possibly be the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping and challenging wilderness trail on Earth, and that’s why we wanted to hike it.


We started our preparations in January by planning our route, gear and food as carefully as we could. It was also important to find as much information as possible about the trail, since we knew we didn’t want to take GPS or trail guides with us but wanted to find our way just by using a map and a compass, and a hint of common sense. 

In June we were finally ready to begin our big adventure and try to accomplish our goals. We wanted to see the beautiful landscapes of Canadian Rockies and take nice pictures. We wanted to physically and mentally challenge ourselves and also put our skills in navigation to the test. And we wanted to prove ourselves that we could (for Julien, once more) plan and execute a long distance hiking trip, with a light backpack and as fast as was possible for us. And we wanted to have fun sometimes as well! 


In the next blog posts we will show where we went, how we hiked, what we saw and how we handled the special conditions that we faced during this adventure.

Hike along with us to the Rocky Mountains! 

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