Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall in Yukon

So the summer passed by. The last weeks we have enjoyed Yukon and witnessed amazing fall colors. The weather has got cooler and night temperatures are often below freezing. We love autumn! 


After travelling many months we wanted to stay in Yukon for a few weeks before going back to Alaska. We were very lucky to find a place to stay in Tagish (80 km from Whitehorse) where our musher friends Michelle and Ed have their kennel. 

Besides helping with dogs we have had also an opportunity to help them out with their moving. And gotta tell you, after being on a holiday for months it’s great to work on something useful again. 

And besides, playing with a few weeks old puppies can really lighten your day as well!

We also had great time when Piia’s friends Liisa and her cousin Päivi visited us here in Yukon. We went hiking together, checked out some mountain landscapes, even went around in Whitehorse, bathed in the hot springs and the girls went horse riding as well. For Piia it was amazing to see her friend since very long time. Nothing beats spending time with close and important people!


After the girls left we went to north, drove along the Dempster Highway and hiked in Tombstone Territorial Park. Nature spoiled us with its best colors and even weather was nice a few a days, except for the first night when we were under a thunderstorm with hails and snow. We shot lots of pictures and ate lots of cranberries. Recommended to everyone!

After staying a couple of weeks in Tagish we are now ready to head to Alaska again. There are some people, goats, chickens and dogs waiting for us there, and we are ready to make the most of our last weeks in the Last Frontier. And it’s snowing there already, yay!!

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