Saturday, June 14, 2014

Changing seasons and accommodations

Time travels fast and so do we! And so do the seasons! We've seen winter turning into sunny spring and occasionally very hot early summer. We've had almost non-stop sunshine for weeks and the fire danger reached moderate before the first rain in weeks poured down. We had a cold spell and saw fresh new snow on the mountains and it still gets very cold during the nights. But other than that it's very summery here in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

With the changing seasons we've moved from Tagish to downtown Whitehorse, from a small housesitting house to sharing an apartment with two young German guys. The former place came with a funny cat and Wii, the latter one with single mattress and interesting stories. Next step was a single (read tiny) room in a student residence with shared kitchen and bathroom. Pros included hot bath every day, cons meant restless nights. 

After only about one month in town we were already moving to the fourth accommodation, this time a big fancy house with four cats to take care of. With fully equipped kitchen Piia got creative and tried making hummus, tortillas and pita bread from scratch, and Julien enjoyed biking the humongous uphill coming back from work. It was easy peasy life.

Vaquita, Tuni and Chuvi. Panzi was hiding under the bed.

Annie Lake Cabin

Then it was time to change our lifestyle again and move 60 km out of town, to a cabin without electricity and water. 

Cons are listed in the previous sentence, the pros can be seen from the pictures. The cabin is located beside the Annie Lake and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Just by moving there we've been able to really witness the change of the season. Migrational birds are either residing or just stopping for a while at the lake. Bears and wolves wonder in the near forests and mountains are losing their snow cover. It's not bad to wake up in the morning with these views, even though you still need to make a fire after a cold night. 

Views from and near our cabin

From the Red Ridge

From Mt. Skukum hike

Commuting gone wild

Laughing Eyes Kennel

After three weeks our cabin life escape was over and we headed back town. Towards the summer we go, by enjoying our new home and new roommates. Piia also started volunteering at the animal shelter and Julien keeps selling bear bells for tourists. Hard life eh?


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