Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Canada and Yukon Territory!

As the people who have been following us in our previous blog Alaskan escape know, we are now continuing our adventures in Canada. 

Almost a week ago we left Fairbanks late at night and crossed the boundary the next day. 

The crossing was very simple, just a few basic questions and we got the stamps on our passports. It was great to see the familiar measurement units again: instead of miles we were travelling kilometers and instead of gallons of fuel we bought liters. The currency was new but since Canadian dollars are almost equal to US ones, it was pretty easy to adjust.

The weather got worse nearer we got to Canada and finally it started snowing. We drove through some areas that we knew were surrounded by lakes and breathtaking mountains, and sometimes we saw glances of summits. 

But most of the time the landscape was white and we couldn't see anything. 

After the second night the ground was white of new snow. And it hasn't stopped snowing since, what has been a bit challenging with summer tires.

Nights were a bit cool but we slept really well in our car, with a thick mattress and good sleeping bags. Despite the weather we still enjoyed being on the road.

Still, there wasn't much to see, and due to the apparent winter conditions we decided to drive directly to Tagish, located near Whitehorse, where our friend Marie is living. We shortly stopped in Whitehorse to get some fuel and buy some groceries, and noticed we have some adapting to do to the Canadian narrow roads.

In late afternoon we surprised Marie by arriving to her place and it was so great to see a friend who we haven't seen for over a year. Since that we have been playing with dogs and relaxed. I mean come on, it has been snowing for three days straight! Well one good thing came from this ongoing winter: we will go mushing! 

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