Friday, May 3, 2013

A week in Tagish lake Kennel

Our first week in Canada has been full of happy wagging tails and wet kisses and paws. We have been in Tagish lake Kennel owned by Michelle Phillips and Ed Hopkins and enjoyed the company of over awesome 50 dogs and of course their handler and our soon-to-be-musher-friend Marie.

Since it was snowing a lot at the beginning we went mushing although everyone thought the mushing season would be way over by now. We all had our own team and really enjoyed the time on the trail.

We also went for walks with the dogs, they really enjoyed being loose!

We also met Marie's friends and had a fun game night with pizza and snow ice cream. And one day we hiked a small hill near Tagish lake and saw amazing view around the lake.

On our last day we took a truck and headed towards Skagway and mountains called White Pass. Luckily the bad weather forecast was a bug and we ended up driving in sun, eating nice treats and enjoying the view. Beautiful indeed!

And on the way back we stopped at Carcross, earlier known as Caribou Crossing.

It has been a great week together and it's funny to think how we meet with Marie in different countries and always end up picking up dog poop together!

So thank you Marie for having us and Michelle and Ed for letting us stay in your kennel. Now it's time to get back to the road. Where? We don't know... South? If you want to follow where we are and where we are going to, check our website.


  1. Bloody hell !!!
    what a fucking week !!
    I'm a little, but just a little jalous !!!! GRRRRRR !!!!!

  2. Oh I'm sure you're having fun there in France as well! Any heat waves yet? :)